Healing Silkway

Enchanting atmosphere inside the long tunnel of minerals, and absolute peace about which you can only dream of and the invisible process of healing for your whole body – this is what you will find in the salt mine therapy of Silkway in Kyrgyzstan.

You will be surprised at what can people turn a simple salt mine into: there are even beds for the patients, just like in hospitals or resorts! The reason is, such atmosphere is really useful for curing variety of illnesses, most of which include the ones of a breathing system.

This is one of the reasons why the Great Silk Road is considered very rich with treasures: both natural and cultural!


Silk Road Wonders

Today we are going to travel to one of the perfect places to see when it is hard to make a choice of where to visit in Kyrgyzstan. The thing is, Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan is very rich with wonders, which were created either by the individuals in history, about which information is everywhere and the natural miracles, which can only be found by reaching out to them.

Konorchek Canyon is one of those hidden beauties inside the country. Located four to five hours from the capital, the canyon represents what the Creator is capable of doing even out of simple clay and highlands…

Looking at the red canyon and its complicated routes inside, you will find yourself in such an enchanting labyrynth, which will fill your day with great impressions and adventures.

Flying in Karakol

There are so many reasons I should be thanking for the development of technology, although it is not the first thing I would do, if you know what I mean… This is because, technology is taking the huge part of our lives and squeezing us out of it doing so many things for us!

However, first one to blame is ourselves, of course, for letting it take control of us. It makes me glad that there still so many people out there, who still know how to live right in harmony with nature and without forgetting about workouts and quality time with others. They also know how to make the correct use of technology, just like this dude in the video! Just look how awesome it is to go for one of the best activities and recording it for others like us to see! Thanks a lot!


Hoping you guys are having a wonderful day, I will start todays talk with you. Last time I said that all you need to do is to take a step and go connect with the our agencies in order to plan a good trip for one of the most exciting trips ever – paragliding.

However, surfing on internet will definitely blow your mind from the amount of tour companies and will end up giving up as well. So, wishing to make your first steps easier, I would like to give a littlle tip. Please go ahead and check out this site for some information about one of the perfect tours available in Kyrgyzstan!

More to do on Tian Shan

Tian Shan does not stop surprising the people around even after the skiing season is over. It is almost the middle of spring and it would be a good idea to start making plans for future weekends in sunny days. Paragliding is one of the best choices you can make at this point.

The valley of Suusamyr is one of the most perfect destinations to have the best paragliding experiences. The reasons are clear: it is beautiful, air is as fresh as it can be and height from which you will start the experience is just to die for!

All you need is to pick a perfect time for the activity, keep in touch with the tour agents and let them do the rest of things for you!

This is It!

I am pretty sure that my little post with couple of paragraphs was not enough to introduce you with the mighty peaks of Celestials and the bunch of activities that can be done there.

You guys already know how amazing the snow condition it always is on Tian Shan slopes, especially on the virgin peaks of Suusamyr. But, have you tried to imagine the beauty there from above yet? Haven’t you yet tried to imagine yourself on the helicopter on your way to heli-ski on Suusamyr and wanting to sing out loud from excitement on the way?

This video can help you with all of that! These are some of our foreign friends, who had an absolute blast on their tours to Tian Shan and I am extrememly grateful to them for sharing this experience with us!

Tian Shan Central

For those who feel a bit down for not managing to enjoy skiing in winter: please, do not hurry to lose hope! Because you have more than amazing chance of taking that chance.

Where? Somewhere so high – 4500 meters above the clouds! To the virgin peaks of Tian Shan! More exactly, to the mountains of Suusamyr valley – the beauty queen of Celestials.

The activities to do there are also various: starting from freeride, snowboarding and ending up with heli-skiing! The last one, especially, is really very famous in Kyrgyzstan! You can always pick the date and just go for enjoying the winter wonderland!

Orlovka Ski Base

Orlovka is the next amazing ski resort, which is situated just about ninety km from Bishkek city. It has the biggest varieties of routes for both beginners and advanced level skiers.

The height of the mountain slopes can vary for any taste. Some sources say that there are nine varieties of slopes for the visitors to chose. Talking about the highest point, it can reach up to 2900 meters.

There are all necessary items and equipments, including ski lifts, rentals and so on. The resort itself has been existing since the former Soviet Union. At that period of time, the ski base served as an official skiing school and by the time there have been so many renovations to it and at the moment,it is one of the most favorite ski resorts of Kyrgyz people.

More about Karakol

After the description of Karakol ski base and the long list of activities, which can be done there, you would not mind the visual introduction, of course. Take a look at this video, which is taken by the visitors themselves. Enjoy the colorful and fun adventures, which will in turn motivate you as well to be the part of them!

Karakol Ski Resort

Talking about winter entertainments in Silk Road, namely in Kyrgyzstan, we cannot miss one point. It is another wonderful winter holidays destination, which is located in Karakol province of Kyrgyzstan.

Unlike other simple ski bases, Karakol is the most famous among them and this is because they offer way more activities to do for the visitors. Here this video demonstrates them all:

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