Heritage from 11th century


The country is small. It is unknown to almost half of the world. However, it had a great past…

Kyrgyzstan had been the center of many important historical events in the histoy. As example, we can talk about the Tokmok city, which was established as a northern military outpost of the Khanate of Kokand ca.1830Thirty years later, it fell to the Russians who demolished the fort. The modern town was founded on 13 May 1864 by Major-General Mikhail Chernyaliev. 

The ruins of AkBeshim, the capital of the Western Turkish Kaganate,are situated 8 km southwest from Tokmok.Yusuf Has Hajib Balasaguni, author of the famous book about government and the ethics of ruling it – Kutadgu Bilig, is said to have been born in this area.

About 15 km south of Tokmok is the 11th-century Burana Tower, located on the grounds of an ancient citadel of which today only a large earthen mound remains. This is believed to be the site of the ancient city of Balasagun, founded by the Sogdians and later for some time the capital of the Kara Khanid empire. A large collection of ancient gravestones and bal-bals are nearby. There have also been found excavated Scythian artifacts and been moved to museums in St.Petersburg and Bishkek.


Ala Archa

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Some call this place as woods from Little Red Hood. The ones, who have seen it in winter, say it is a winter wonderland! I would say that they are all true and would add that Ala Archa is a perfect escape for those, who need a real break from work or urban chaos.

Archa literally means “Fur-tree”. So it is famous for lots and lots of fur-trees which is the reason why this place remains green all year round. This is the favorite place for families, friends or colleagues to come for summer or winter picnics. Cute little cabins situated in woods make it possible to spend even days or weeks for perfect holidays.

The lovers of excursions can go more inside the area and explore an amazing waterfall, caves and much more surprises.

None of the tourists leave Kyrgyzstan without visiting this heavenly place. Although Ala Archa is just an hour from the country’s capital, it is able to give the feeling of a travel, far away from modern world!


Heli tours in Kyrgyzstan?!


I guess that my Kyrgyz friends got so tired of my crazy questions, they started asking me to take them to tours in helicopter…
Well, I would love to take them on my car or something else, but where to get that helicopter? That’s when they got me! Finally there came a time for my silence :)
I found out that there are heli tours in Kyrgyzstan. However, it’s not just tour above the country but an epic heliskiing for lovers of extreme activities! That really is something that proves, that Kyrgyzstan is not old that nomads land anymore!

Unknown Land – Kyrgyzstan


When my friends tell me about their country and its history, what comes to my mind is big mountains covered with green carpet, crystal-clear waterfalls and rivers, and nomads… So I naturally start asking some silly questions, which make them both laugh and get a bit mad as well, such as, do you guys still live in those “yurta”s, have you got an internet in your city, etc. And when they start talking about the modern life there, it gets so hard to imagine and putting those two styles of life together: imagine using a cell-phone while riding a horse! So I had to put a serious step towards learning about Kyrgyzstan more and put an end to the ridiculous questions in my head…