Never too late

How incredible… Our much waited summer vacations are already left behind and here is another season… Unfortunately, not everyone got a chance to enjoy an ideal summer trip by the beach and now the weather is pretty cold for doing that in many places.

However, here I have a wonderful option: a beautiful beach all year round! It is not an ecuatorial country, as it may disappoint you a bit. It is in fact, in such a country, which has one of the coldest winters in Central Asia. I am talking about the entertainment center of Khan Shatyr with one and only indoor beach around. Located in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, Khan Shatyr provides the greatest luxury possible for its visitors.

Salty seawater, sand from Maldives and the real beach atmosphere around is just an introduction to this wonderful indoor paradise!

Observing from Above

Dear friends, this is how it looks if you observe the best beach of Issyk Kul from above! With the sun shining, the pristine blue water, variety of amazing attractions in addition and so much more, all in one beach, named “Golden Sands”!

Let me note as well that Now is the best moment ever for visiting this place. They call the month of August the hottest season among all other periods and therefore it is as well known as “Golden Season”. This is when the water of Issyk Kul is at its best and the atmosphere around is also as perfect as it can be.

Summer in Kyrgyzstan

The first and foremost thing to discuss about in summer of Kyrgyzstan is the lake Issyk Kul. Translated as “the Warm Lake”, it is said to be one of te most precious treasures of the country.

Issyk Kul is the second largest alpine lake in the world after the one, called Titicaca in Bolivia. Because of its huge size, the people standing by the lake will actually have the feeling, as if they are looking at the unending sea, not a usual tiny lake.

Therefore, Issyk Kul is rich with variety of beaches – the biggest touristic spots in summer. It attracts people with crystal clear water, beautiful nature around and richness of traditions among the local citizens.

Kyrgyzstan in Milan Expo

Here we are, just opened our doors to the greatest season of all – summer that was knocking the door just a couple days ago! My warmest regards to you all in spending this holiday the best way you can! Now I will jump into the main subject: where to go?

Since last time the offers were about three countries at once, today I will share some nice facts about the first country: Kyrgyzstan.

We have previously talked about this place and most are aware of its beauties. However, today I am sure that you will discover more things through the video, made special for Milan Expo, one of the world’s greatest cultural and scientific exhibitions. Enjoy it friends!

Summer Plans

Hello guys! Do you hear that? Or am I the only one feeling as if someone is knocking the door? Yeah, right, who else can that be other than summer vacations?!

It already is the middle of May, which means we have three months of summer holidays are ahead of us and just a couple weeks left for getting ready to it! Here comes a big question: what to do? Where to go this year?

Maybe you already have one place in your mind and another is also attracting you at the same time. Let the 3 in 1 tour help you with this! Here you will get a cool chance of traveling to Three different countries, including Kyrgyzstan – the Heart of Asia, Uzbekistan – The Pearl of it and China – Land of greatest history and its best treasures!

Just give it a try by clicking the link above and see if you like what the tour package offers!

More about Therapy

Since the last topic was about Silk Road therapy, I would like to keep up the spirit of healthy life and invite you guys to explore more of healing points of these wonderful places.

I wonder if you remember the place, we talked about a whiel ago. That is, the steps of Alexander the Great. In that province of Jalal Abad, there is a famous mineral water spring. The water has such healing effects as curing the digestive system, solving skin problems and so on.

There are so many visitors in Jalal Abad every year because of this spring. Therefore the number of resorts with spa procedures are also pretty noticable. For those, who cannot come because of some reasons, they sell the bottled mineral water around the country.

Healing Silkway

Enchanting atmosphere inside the long tunnel of minerals, and absolute peace about which you can only dream of and the invisible process of healing for your whole body – this is what you will find in the salt mine therapy of Silkway in Kyrgyzstan.

You will be surprised at what can people turn a simple salt mine into: there are even beds for the patients, just like in hospitals or resorts! The reason is, such atmosphere is really useful for curing variety of illnesses, most of which include the ones of a breathing system.

This is one of the reasons why the Great Silk Road is considered very rich with treasures: both natural and cultural!


Silk Road Wonders

Today we are going to travel to one of the perfect places to see when it is hard to make a choice of where to visit in Kyrgyzstan. The thing is, Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan is very rich with wonders, which were created either by the individuals in history, about which information is everywhere and the natural miracles, which can only be found by reaching out to them.

Konorchek Canyon is one of those hidden beauties inside the country. Located four to five hours from the capital, the canyon represents what the Creator is capable of doing even out of simple clay and highlands…

Looking at the red canyon and its complicated routes inside, you will find yourself in such an enchanting labyrynth, which will fill your day with great impressions and adventures.

Flying in Karakol

There are so many reasons I should be thanking for the development of technology, although it is not the first thing I would do, if you know what I mean… This is because, technology is taking the huge part of our lives and squeezing us out of it doing so many things for us!

However, first one to blame is ourselves, of course, for letting it take control of us. It makes me glad that there still so many people out there, who still know how to live right in harmony with nature and without forgetting about workouts and quality time with others. They also know how to make the correct use of technology, just like this dude in the video! Just look how awesome it is to go for one of the best activities and recording it for others like us to see! Thanks a lot!


Hoping you guys are having a wonderful day, I will start todays talk with you. Last time I said that all you need to do is to take a step and go connect with the our agencies in order to plan a good trip for one of the most exciting trips ever – paragliding.

However, surfing on internet will definitely blow your mind from the amount of tour companies and will end up giving up as well. So, wishing to make your first steps easier, I would like to give a littlle tip. Please go ahead and check out this site for some information about one of the perfect tours available in Kyrgyzstan!

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